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  • Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5
  • Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5
  • Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5
  • Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5
  • Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5
  • Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5
Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5

Gamer Bag BM01141052-PS5

Product Description:

Gamer Bag BM01141052-GRAY-PS5

BUBM Console Carrying Case for PS5,
PlayStation 5 Protective Shoulder Bag Handbag,
Travel Carry Bag Storage for Controllers, Monitor, Headsets, Gaming discs, Charger, & Accessories (Black)

"DURABLE EXTERIOR: Tightly Woven RipStop Nylon over a reinforced shell with padded, customizable interior gives your PlayStation 5 console the best protection from water damage, scratches, and impacts

CUSTOMIZABLE INTERIOR: The spacious and adjustable interior is perfect for storing PS5 controllers, headphones, cables, and more PS5 accessories || Interior Dimensions: 16 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches

EXTERNAL ZIPPERED POCKET: For even more storage and customization, our PlayStation Travel Case features external pockets for smaller items like HDMI cables, power cables, and more gaming accessories

PORTABLE & PRACTICAL: The PS5 carrying case features a padded shoulder strap and handle for easy carrying || The padded dividers and water resistant base provide the ultimate protection for your gear

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 17 x 14 x 8 inches || All USA Gear products are backed by a 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty **For safe transport, please detach all stands, attachments, and accessories from PS5"

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